The PA Politics Podcast: Episode 23 - The Pennsylvania Immigrant Family Unity Project


Today we're chatting with PAIFUP lawyer Lilah Thompson and her client J, who will share some of his story and talk about why this program is so essential to immigrants in Pennsylvania, and the dramatic impact that having a pro bono lawyer can have on the life of an immigrant. 

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Episode 4 · 10 months ago

The PA Politics Podcast: Episode 4 - Representative Movita Johnson-Harrell

"When you shatter a glass ceiling, those shards come down." 

Join us in our 4th episode of The PA Politics Podcast as your host Kristina speaks with Pennsylvania State Representative Movita Johnson-Harrell about gun violence, being a woman in the legislature, and what her theme song would be. 

Episode 3 · 10 months ago

The PA Politics Podcast: Episode 3 - Representative Donna Bullock Talks Food Insecurity

Join Bellevue Strategies in our latest episode of the PA Politics Podcast, where our host Kristina chats with Pennsylvania state representative Donna Bullock about her work with food insecurity and the biggest challenges about being an elected official.

Episode 2 · 10 months ago

The PA Politics Podcast: Episode 2 - 2019 Election Recap

Welcome back to the PA Politics Podcast! We're interrupting your regularly scheduled programming for an emergency session to talk about something important - the 2019 Municipal Elections. Sit down with Mustafa Rashed and Kristina D'Amico to get the recap. 

Episode 1 · 10 months ago

The PA Politics Podcast: Episode 1 - Meet Mustafa Rashed

Welcome to the very first PA Politics Podcast, presented by Bellevue Strategies and hosted by Kristina D'Amico. In these podcasts, we'll be talking to Pennsylvania's biggest political actors and discussing policy and everything that is happening in our state. This week, meet Mustafa Rashed, CEO of Bellevue Strategies!