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Episode 24 · 7 months ago

The PA Politics Podcast: Episode 24 - Curlee Raven Holton

Join us as we chat with artist and professor Curlee Raven Holton about his relationship with Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. 

Episode 23 · 8 months ago

The PA Politics Podcast: Episode 23 - The Pennsylvania Immigrant Family Unity Project

Today we're chatting with PAIFUP lawyer Lilah Thompson and her client J, who will share some of his story and talk about why this program is so essential to immigrants in Pennsylvania, and the dramatic impact that having a pro bono lawyer can have on the life of an immigrant. 

Episode 22 · 8 months ago

The PA Politics Podcast: Episode 22 - The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers

Today we're chatting with Jerry Jordan, the President of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, on what we can do to continue learning during and after COVID-19, and what teachers need to sucessfully continue doing their jobs. 

Episode 21 · 9 months ago

The PA Politics Podcast: Episode 21 - Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia

Join us for another episode of the PA Politics Podcast! Today we're chatting with Corinne O'Connell, CEO of the Philadelphia chapter of Habitat for Humanity, about the impact of COVID-19 on Philadelphia housing, and the ways that Habitat can help.